Šafarek production is specialized in natural history, filming, documentaries and photography.

Filming includes wildlife, aerial and underwater scenes. 

We also make travel and tourism videos.

Goran Šafarek

Main filmmaker Goran Šafarek is a renowned biologist, photographer and cinematographer.

In cooperation with Croatian Television (HRT), he made documentary films: The secret of colored evolution, Jungle in the ocean and Return of the green paradise, Croatian Amazon, Šoderica, Crna Mlaka.

Goran is the director and filmmaker of “Syria – the country at the crossroad” and “Rivers of Croatia”.

Goran also made numerous short films related to nature in various EU projects.

He published over one hundred papers (texts and photographs) in various journals like Meridijani, National Geographic, GEO, Playboy, etc. Goran published several books: The Drava in the Podravina region, Croatian Amazon, Rivers of Croatia, Animals of Croatia, Drava gravel pits, Animals of Croatia, Nature of Croatia, Water treasures of Croatia, and Wild Croatia.

He graduated from the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, biology department, where he was later employed. He participated in numerous scientific expeditions worldwide, currently leading the World Rivers project.

Diana Bartolić

Producer of Šafarek production is Diana Bartolić.

Diana produced documentaries “Rivers of Croatia” and “Syria – country at the crossroads”. She is also a writer of the script, together with Goran Šafarek, for Rivers of Croatia.

Diana produced and edited numerous short films related to nature in various EU and other projects.

She is a publisher of the book “Wild Croatia”.

Diana published numerous papers in various journals like Playboy, Sensa, Hrvatske vode, Hrvatske šume, Radost…

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